Imagine the metaverse

June 11-12, 2024
Tampere, Finland,
Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre

Imagine the metaverse


Immerse yourself in the metaverse revolution

Imagine the Metaverse event brings together those who are ready to catch a glimpse of the unseen.

Unlock the potential of groundbreaking metaverse technology, reshaping industrial processes, and optimizing efficiency. Join us to discover how the metaverse propels your operations into a new era of innovation. Navigate the future and explore how the metaverse becomes your strategic ally in revolutionizing industrial landscapes.

Forge Alliances for Urban Innovation. Discover how cities can strategically collaborate with technology companies, research institutions, and other stakeholders, advancing the ethical use of data and technologies. Dive deep into the discussion on how cities can develop a responsible, ethical, and sustainable digital future with humans at the core.

Crafting Experiential Landscapes: This is your gateway to shaping the experience economy’s future. Learn how the metaverse redefines entertainment, creating immersive worlds that captivate and transform. Join us in crafting landscapes where creativity knows no bounds, and innovation defines the future. Join Imagine Metaverse to engage with industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators, forging collaborations beyond boundaries.

Redefine Tech Horizons: Chart new territories in the business at Imagine the Metaverse, where tech titans from the world’s largest corporations converge to unlock the next frontier. Immerse in innovative showcases, absorb strategic keynotes, and explore a dynamic booth area, all while cultivating collaborations and maximizing your corporate visibility on a global scale.


Keynote speakers will take you into the depths of the metaverse’s possibilities.

Teemu Vidgren

Chief Operating Officer - Microsoft

Susana Reyes

Commissioner of the City of Los Angeles’ Board of Public Works

Emre B. Aksu

Bell Labs Fellow - Nokia Technologies

Anita Kalergis

PR & Communications Manager - Xprizo

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni

Strategic Advisor - Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism

Eve Weston

Expert XR Narrative & Experience Design Consultant

Miguel Sangalang

Excecutive Director and General Manager for the Bureau of Street Lighting - City of Los Angeles

Heather Repenning

Executive Officer for Sustainability Policy - Los Angeles Metro

Milla Madetoja

Journalist - (Main stage host)

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We are in a trans­formation

We are in the middle of a transition into a new era – the metaverse. And by this, we don’t mean a separate virtual environment, but rather a new digitally infused world that seamlessly integrates into our businesses, culture, and relationships.

Imagine the Metaverse is for not yet overcooked visionaries and leaders.

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